Hiding from one’s desires and possibilities is an unworthy action of a warrior.
COININJA is the weapon for solving investment ideas.
British-Japanese private equity fund, is created to invest digital currencies and
increase financial potential in various areas of cryptocurrency operations.
The main goal of the fund:
Investment partnership, the creation of a favorable financial foundation and the
implementation of stable economic development of the cryptocurrency market.
Analytics is the main weapon of wealth.
Our investment platform provides an opportunity to invest personal capital in
cryptocurrency to any investor who sees the prospect of making a profit in crypto.

  • High profit
  • No risk
  • Insurance
  • Guarantee
  • Support
  • Service


First you need to invest in our ideas, and then determine the benefits of our cooperation.
Our experts have already solved this problem for each of our partners and you do not need to have specific knowledge on choosing the right investment direction, as well as understand the specifics of the blockchain technology. We have already done all this for you and built the right model for the development and increasing your capital. You just need to choose one of the tariff plans and get a consistently high profit.



Our main mission is to ensure direct investment in digital technologies and cryptocurrency without risk, as well as to ensure maximum profit through a properly built model of investment trends and a competent interaction policy.


Digital technologies and analytical programs


Artificial intelligence and modern financial technologies


Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges


Cryptocurrency exchange operations

  • 7.00 %

    Level 1 1-10 partners
  • 9.00 %

    Level 1 10 and more
  • 3.00 %

    Level 2 1 and more
  • 2.00 %

    Level 3 1 and more

Affiliate program

We “attack” the cryptocurrency market with our investment ideas and pursue high profits. If you are an active leader and have a large team of followers, bring 10 active investors and earn 9% from your first level.
*You can receive an affiliate bonus without active investments.

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